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Carribean Poker

Caribbean PokerThis is not really a poker game, in that players do not bet against each other. It is an American casino game in which each individual plays against the bank. You ante and you and the bank get five cards each. After you have seen your hand and the bank's first card you must either make a call bet, increasing your stake by an amount equal to twice your original ante, or surrender, in which case the bank wins your ante. There is then a showdown. If the bank doesn't have A-K or better! Your bet is returned, plus an amount equal to the ante. If the bank does have A-K or better you win if your hand beats the bank. The bank pays out even money on your ante and fixed odds on your call bet as follows:

  • Even payoff for a pair or high card
  • 2-1 for two pairs
  • 3-1 for three of a kind
  • 4-1 for a straight
  • 5-1 for a flush
  • 7-1 for a full house
  • 20-1 for a four of a kind
  • 50-1 for a straight flush
  • 100-1 for a royal flush

If the bank has A-K or better and your hand is worse than the bank's you lose your ante and call bet.