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3 Card Poker

All you need to know about Three Card Poker!

Three Card Poker is becoming on of the most popular new table games. Players are discovering that Three Card Poker is not only easy to play but it is a lot of fun.

three card poker

But, how do you play Three Card Poker?

After all the players have made their bets the dealer will give each player a three-card hand that is dealt. If a player has made a bet on the Ante they must make their decision to fold or play after looking at their hand. If the player folds he forfeits their Ante wager. If the players want to continue they must make an additional bet in the Play circle equal to their Ante bet.

After the player has made his/her decisions, the dealer will turn over his three card hand. The dealer needs to "qualify" with a hand of Queen or higher for play to continue. If the dealer's hand does not contain a Queen or higher all players still active in the hand will be paid even money for their Ante wager and their bet on the Play will be returned to them.

If the dealer's hand does qualify then their hand is compared to the player's hand. If your hand beats the dealer's hand you will be paid even money for your Ante and Play bets. If the dealer's hand beats your hand you lose both bets. In the rare event of a tie then the player wins the hand.