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Upgrade - All you need to know about it..

This game is known as Upgrade. It is a double deck version of sishi fen, and is related to zhao penyuou. It is popular in Shanghai, and probably also in other parts of China.

How do you play Upgrade?upgrade

There are four players in two fixed partnerships, partners sitting opposite each other. A double deck of standard international cards is used, with four jokers - two red and two black. There are 108 cards in the deck altogether. Deal and play are anticlockwise. Each player is dealt 25 cards, leaving 8 cards face down on the table. In the first hand the trump rank is two. In subsequent hands, trumps are made during the deal, by a player exposing face up on the table a card of the trump rank.

The object of the game is to win tricks containing kings, tens and fives. Kings and tens are worth 10 points each, fives are worth 5 points each, and all other cards are worthless. There are 200 points in the pack in total.

Attacking and defending: the scores and the objective

The scores of the teams are expressed as card ranks. At the start of the game, each partnership has the lowest possible score, which is two. By winning games, a partnership can increase its score to a higher rank: three, four, five and so on. Above ten come jack, queen, king and ace. The objective is to achieve a score higher than ace - the partnership that achieves this wins the game

In each hand, one team attacks and the other team defends. In the first hand, either team can attack, depending on who makes trumps. In subsequent hands, the team that won the previous hand attacks, and the other team defends.

The result depends on the number of card points won by the defenders.