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Showhand - All you need to know about it.

Showhand was one of the first popular games in China in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao; the rules of the game are very simple, but very intense. The game was played with the philosophy of applying luck and skill. Therefore, the game was quickly accepted by the people.

But, how do you play Showhand?Showhand

You play Showhand with a deck consisting of 28 cards with the suites spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. The lowest cards are the 8's, up to ace.

When the game begins, each player receives two cards which the second card is face up. The player who has the largest card will start the betting round. All remaining players will have an option of call, raise or fold. This round of betting, a player can bet only the minimum basic bet.

Second round of betting (third card face up), a player can place a bet up to 1/4 of the game betting limit, Showhand. The third round of betting (fourth card face up), a player can place a bet up to1/2 of the game betting limit. The fourth and final round of betting (fifth card face up), a player can place a bet from 1/4 to the maximum betting limit.

During the game, the player can choose to fold but will forfeit all bets put in the pot. After the fourth round of betting, the players will turn their cards face up. The largest ranking hand will win the total pot.

The basic scale of comparing poker-hands with each other is:

Royal Flush > Straight flush > Four of a Kind > Full House > Flush > Straight > Three of kind > Two Pairs > One Pair > Random

Number rankings from high to low: A-K-Q-J-10-9-8

Suite rankings: Spade > Heart > Club > Diamond