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The Mahjong Tiles

Mahjong uses a set of 108 tiles. Mahjong

Number tiles:The number tiles are in three suits: Each suit has nine designs, numbered 1 to 9. Thus there are a total of 27 different designs of suit tiles, with 4 tiles for each design.

Mahjong - All you need to know about the objective.

The mahjong competition consists of a number of hands. In a hand, through a process of drawing and discarding, the players compete to be the first to complete a winning hand. The winner of the hand receives points from the other players, but the amount of points earned varies greatly according to the content of the winner's hand.

Therefore, winning high-scoring hands and preventing the opponents from winning high-scoring hands is the key to victory.

Mahjong - How do you play the game?

Each hand follows these steps:

Shuffle, deal the tiles

Draw and discard

If someone wins the hand, perform scoring for the winning hand.

If the wall is exhausted without anyone winning, the hand is a draw, and all players score zero for the hand.

Mahjong - All you need to know about Sequence, Triplet, Kong, and Pair.

Sequence: A sequence is three tiles of consecutive numbers in the same suit.

Triplet: A triplet is three same-numbered tiles in the same suit.

Kong: Four identical tiles can be declared to form a Kong.

Pair: Two identical tiles are called a pair.