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Hoe - All you need to know about it!

Hoe! is a very popular Chinese card-game for four players. You play it with a standard deck consisting of 52 cards with the suits spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. The lowest cards are the 3:s, up to ace. The suits are also used for grading in the way that three of diamonds is the lowest number three, then comes three of clubs, three of hearts and the best three is three of spades.

But, how do you play Hoe?Hoe

All the cards are dealt evenly to the players. Thereafter every round consists of an unspecified number of tricks until one player has got rid of all his cards.

The first trick of the first round always starts with the person having the worst card of the deck ( three of diamonds) laying down that card. In all the other rounds it is the winner of the previous round that starts the new round.

When a player starts a new trick he has got four possible choices; to lay one card, to lay a pair, to lay three card with the same number or to lay a poker-hand. If you lay one card then all the other players must lay single better cards, if you lay a pair then all the other players must lay better pairs and so on.

The basic scale of comparing poker-hands with each other is:

1. Straight flush

2. four-of-a-kind plus any fifth card - all poker-hands must consist of five cards!

3. full house

4. flush

5. straight

And please note that you can never lay two pairs!

The player before (on the left side of) a player with only one card left always has to lay his absolutely best card (when single cards are played)!