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Chinese Poker

All you need to know about Chinese Poker.

This game requires a standard deck of 52 cards with two jokers, making a total pack of 54 cards. Each player is given 17 cards and the remaining three cards are left face down until the auction is complete.

The Auctionchinese poker

The first player to have been dealt to will be the first to bid. The bidders have a choice as to whether they bid or pass. If all players pass there has to be a new deal. There are three levels of bid, 1, 2 and 3 and bidding continues until either the bidding reaches 3 or two players pass after a bid. The highest bidder becomes the landlord. The landlord will then pick up the last three cards so that he now has 20 cards.

But,how do you play Chinese Poker?

The first to play is the landlord. The landlord can use a single card or play any of the recognised combinations. Play then moves anti clockwise where each player will have to beat the previous combination with the same number and type of cards or pass if they are unable to do that.

There are two exception! A rocket is able to beat any other combination and a bomb will beat all combinations except a rocket or a higher bomb.

The game continues until two players in a row have to pass. When this occurs the cards that have been played are turned over to be face down and moved aside. Play starts again with the player who made the last combination.

There are thirteen different combinations in the game of Chinese Poker.

The Scores.

If the landlord gets rid of all his cards first he wins and the rest of the players pay him the amount he originally bid, either one, two or three units. This is if no bomb or rocket was used.

If one of the other players gets rid of all his cards then landlord has to pay each of the other players his bid. If anyone uses a bomb or a rocket the amount that has to be paid doubles each time one is played.