Prospects of Poker Affiliate

The online poker business functions on one single principle "more player more money" therefore there is always a huge competition among poker rooms to get in more prospective player to play and apparently earn through them. However, it's not an easy task of getting players on the table therefore most of the online poker room comes up with affiliate program.

The word affiliate itself explains that you be an affiliate of a poker site to get or to create a traffic of potential players to a particular poker site. Poker site shall reward you for sending them potential players. Even offline promotions are practiced to get in players.

A poker affiliate only starts earning once the player starts playing with real money. They shall be considered as source of income of an affiliate for life. A poker affiliate is paid on the bases of net gaming.

How is the net gaming calculated?

The net gaming is calculated as follows:
(Rake + tournament fees) - (bonuses + chargebacks) = Net Gaming
And here it gets interesting. There are mainly three payment plans.

CPA: (Cost or Commission Per Acquisition) With this payment type, you receive a flat rate whenever a player signs up and plays for real money under your reference. CPAs usually start out with small amount but once you start sending more players, your CPA will get increased or even more if you're sending wealthy players.

MGR: (Monthly Gross Revenue) this method pays you a percentage of the amount a player rakes. Let's take an example to understand the prospects of MGR.

One of your players is at a full table among 8 other players. Consider the rake amounted $1.

  • As there are 9 players at the table, your player's portion of the rake is $0.11.
  • MGR rates are somewhere 20% to 30% therefore you earn around $0.02 (for that particular hand).

Let's follow a strategy:

If you come up with a website and you try and recruit 15 real money players every month. Also considering that each player on an average player 7 hours of poker a week.

  • Most tables have 100 hands per hour therefore each player players 700 hands a week.
  • Multiply that with 15 players and you get 10,500 total hands a week. Also you can multiply that with 4 and you get 42,000 hands a month.
  • Now multiply the MGR rate figure i.e. $0.02 with 42,000 and you get a whopping $840. Per month.

Apparently all this estimates are assumptions and shall also understand that there are players who play on multiple tables at one time forcing them to be more conservative. However, considering $800+ is a huge success. The figure doesn't stop here…

  • This was your first month figures. However the next month when you get more 15 players, the earnings could be doubled and it just follows for the coming months. Your player base keep growing and helping you to make more money. Under the MGR plan, your player remains your players for life.

Online poker is a giant business and involves lot of money bought in by potential players and therefore poker affiliates creating traffic or promoting these online poker rooms also earn remuneration.

There are loads of poker affiliate sites that would allow you to promote and earn money. However it is wise to select and be a part of a company that will be most profitable and provide better deals. Be sure to choose the right affiliate program (or programs) that you believe will make you the most money in the long run.