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Sports Betting Tips & Strategies

Betting on sports can be very rewarding but quite chancy as well. While there’s not a whole lot one can do (legally, at least!) to have any sort of control over the sporting events that are wagered upon, there are some guidelines any bettor would do well to follow.

Before we go on to discuss any of that, however, there’s one rule that must be treated with more importance than the others, and that is to never bet under influence. All of these other guidelines (or ’strategies’ if you will) would amount to little of a bettor’s decision-making abilities are clouded by alcohol.

Stick to a Budget

Set aside a fixed amount of money: Fix your bankroll before you begin play and ensure that it’s a sum that won’t pinch you if you lose it. You should make bets for an amount that equals about five percent of your entire bankroll. For instant, if your bankroll for an entire horseracing season is about $1,000, let your bets not exceed $50.

Sports betting tipsIf you don’t succeed, don’t continue to bet on larger amounts, hoping for larger wins. This is faulty thinking on your part and will cause you to lose more money. So, be practical and work with the money you have and increase it slowly over the entire horseracing season.

Research Thoroughly

This is by far the most valuable sports betting strategy to help you. Researching the best sports bets will always hold you in good stead, so although it will take up a lot of your time, it’s well worth your time. So, research well before making any pick by examining statistics, past performances, trends—just whatever it takes to be on top of your competition.

Be dispassionate when betting: When you bet, any outcome is possible. As a bettor, you need to be prepared for any eventuality, and that means not letting your emotions get the better of you when you lose. If you’re angry about losing a couple of sports bets, don’t flare up at those around you. Instead, realize you’ve had a bad day and move on.

Time it Right

Timing in placing your sports bets is as important as it is elsewhere. Considering lines shift from the time they are posted online to the time that the sport is actually played, you naturally want to place your bet at a time when the price is really good. Bettors usually bet on their favorites, and that’s what causes the lines to narrow as the time gets closer to the start of the game. So, if you’re betting on everyone’s favorites place your bet early and if you’re betting on the underdog, get in closer to the start of the game. This is just a broad hint, but it’s worth considering.

Go in only for the best lines

Getting a win at sports betting is all about going for the best available lines. What this means is that having more than one sports betting account will go a long way in helping you acquire a win. This will enable you to come compare the lines offered by each of the sportsbook before making any bet and subsequently you may make much better money from a bet. This is one of the best strategies you could do when sports betting.

Bet on home teams

This is an old betting strategy where you put your bet on a home team. People are the opinion that people tend to play better when they are backed by their home supporters and tend not to fold easily to defeat. Though, this is not really the case nowadays. You can read the current betting market article to see why this is the case.


Mobile Gaming: Your Doorway to the Future

It may sound like a terrible cliché, but the world is getting smaller, thanks primarily to the internet. So are the devices people are using to access the Internet and the WWW. Where connectivity was once limited to wired connections and desktop computers, today even the ‘portable’ laptop PCs are passé as a fast increasing number of netizens are using smartphones, tablet PCs and other assorted ultra-mobile devices.

Mobile Gaming Software

Mobile Gaming: Worth $100 billion by 2017?

There have been reports in the technological media that mobile internet usage accounts for over 10% of the global Internet traffic, and this was as early as May 2012. This has been made possible by a steady growth in mobile phone usage across the globe, the growth being remarkably fast in third-world markets such as India. With the advent of 3G and 4G technologies that allow ever faster access to the WWW, mobile versions of websites are also getting content rich. While once mobile usage was limited to checking emails and low-bandwidth WAP-based sites, users today are shooting, sharing and downloading multimedia rich content and enriching the social media world, thus moving mobile internet usage into a territory that is perhaps the biggest revenue churner in ecommerce: online entertainment.  All thanks to the fact that connectivity, ladies and gentlemen, is literally on the move.

Now it is with great fondness that we mention online entertainment, as this is home ground for us, thanks to all this time that we’ve been developing online poker and casino software (among others).  Multimedia gaming (Games on Demand or GoD), real money social games, online poker and casino, MMORPGs, betting on sportsbooks online; the entertainment seeking netizen is literally spoilt for choice.

Sportsbook Online – A Guide for The Bettors

History isn’t quite clear on this for lack of indisputable evidence, but it is more likely than not that ever since sports first originated in simple contests of strength and/ or skill, somebody placed a wager on who the winner would be. And that’s how sports betting probably originated.

Sportsbook OnlineIf that sounds too simple, ask yourself: ‘Why Not?’ After all, if you aren’t in it, what better way is there to feel connected to a sporting contest than to successfully predict the outcome? Maybe there wasn’t anything on stake to begin with, except perhaps bragging rights, but we don’t really know that; maybe the real fun, even to begin with, was in making the other guy pay up that extra sack of rice. Yes, we’re pretty sure punters have been laying bets on fistfights and dog races and what not even before mankind had managed to invent money.

Now that we have established the hallowed origins that the practice of sports wagering enjoys, let’s skip ahead to the current day and age, regrettable as it may be to refrain from commenting on the rich history of this popular pastime over the ages and across the world.

Today, betting on sports is a complicated business. In all fairness, sports have changed a lot too. From being, at the turn of the 20th Century, something that the rich did for amusement and the poor did for entertainment, sports today is an industry with some of the most unforgiving professional standards there are.

Similarly, betting on sports, in jurisdictions where the law permits it, has moved beyond simple wagers over winners and losers.

If you are looking to place bets that win you some moolah, you have to be properly armed with all the tips, tricks and tools of the trade.

Know Your Teams/ Players

This can’t be stressed enough, and has been discussed in a previous post on sports betting too.

When betting one’s valuable money on sports, the bettor must go through information on the past and present goings-on in and around the teams, know teams starting lineups, injuries, and weather situations. The most important factor here is the teams’ track record. Another important aspect is the form of the current players. Judge the importance of an injured player and the quality of his substitute. Bear in mind that second-string players are often highly qualified and are very highly motivated when replacing a starter: it’s a ‘now or never’ scenario for them! So it often pays to bet on a team missing its best player. One must not overlook the importance of current coach of the team and his track record either. The number of key players or superstars in the team also plays a vital role in choosing a team to bet on.

In individual sports too, it helps to keep track of the latest news on the players. Has a particular ‘great’ been off-color lately? Has there been an injury that may still be nagging him or her? Perhaps his mental health is suspect, given a recent scandal that erupted? These factors should help you ascertain if a particular player is presently worth backing or not.

Avoid going on a tilt

Losing streaks do happen, it is almost inevitable. The mistake most inexperienced bettors make here is betting larger and larger amounts in an attempt to cover up their losses. What is needed here is patience and a reduction in betting amounts till the winning streak begins to show. Once the winning starts, bets could be increased gradually but one must keep in mind that winning streaks too, have to end sometime.

Avoid Biased or Emotional Betting

A lot of people get into sports betting as just another way of supporting their favorite club or team. For such a bettor, there’s little that’s more a matter of pride than showing off how he’s ‘die-hard’ enough a fan to risk money, and yet ‘his team’ repaid his faith by coming through.

Even if your primary motivation for betting in the first place was simply to make money, it’s easy to have one’s judgment clouded by favorite teams and players. We only have one thing to say with regard to that: don’t be that guy.

When betting, keep it strictly business and be ruthless and exacting in your analysis of the players and teams involved. Let your head, not your heart, make the decision.

Low-Risk Value Betting

A lot of betting success in any game is determined by value you get on your bets. This great technique of betting is not popular but is a very good way for large profits with not so large bets. This means getting higher values than you get on your bet. Consider an example, if fair odds on a particular team happen to be 1.10 and bookies offer them for 1.60 then this bet has got more value. The secret lies in the fact that there are no absolutes in sports betting, the whole thing is based on estimation The bookies estimate the fair odds, so do you. When there is a difference you bet on where you see value.

Betting Against Public Consensus

There are pretty decent chances of favorites to win, high value bets are made by betting against these teams. A consensus is the public’s estimation of who will win, so if you see 80% beside a team it means that 80% of the people think that, that team will triumph, it’s not the chance of winning. In view of the fact that a team has a very high public opinion you think it intelligent to bet on it, that’s in general a wrong decision to take. Despite the fact that betting based primarily on public consensus is reckless, it doesn’t mean that you must bet against the more popular team in all games. There are some situations where you must also consider consensus and compare it to the line movement and act when the time is right.

Understand the Software

So far, the points discussed would apply to betting on sports in general, whether made online or at your regular bookie’s. However, online sports betting has been a game changer in more ways than one, and hence this last tip must be pertaining particularly to this.

If nothing else, online sports betting software brings unprecedented transparency to the world of sports betting. For way too long, this was a practice that very few understood in its entirety, the bettors content with just enough knowledge they’d need to understand where the money lay and the bookies happy to keep the flow of knowledge the way it was.

However, the way it works, now that online sports betting is here (to stay!), is that there’s a plethora of information that the sportsbook sites themselves are furnishing for the benefit of the bettors. Knowledge, it can’t be stressed enough, is power which, in this case, you can use to get the maximum out of your sports betting experience. The sheer load of knowledge may be a lot to deal with to begin with, so take it slow; there’s no shame in it no matter how much of a high roller you are with your local bookie. Learn how the software works, use the guides that explain all there is to know about gambling on sports and so on.

What you need to start your Online Sportsbook : Part 2

An online sportsbook website is what you are looking for If you want to boost your profits as well as play a part in an electrifying industry. It is an avant-garde and exciting arena and you have all the options to enter it in one single place. It is completely legal to own and manage an online sportsbook.

That being said, welcome to part 2 of “What you need to start your online Sportsbook”

For an online Sportsbook, your payout TAT matters!

Also, what is of paramount importance is your payout TAT’s (Turn Around Time) when it comes to giving the bettors their dues. An online sportsbook that takes a week or two to payout while a unknown (or lesser known) online sportsbook does it in less time, will be favored in the long run. Talk to the payment processors or your solution providers to ensure that your bettors get a fast track payout with all the required Due Diligence on bettors and Risk Profiling done. Furthermore, have presence on various forums to keep an eye on what and how your bettors would like the money. This is virtually free advice and free information that will work towards making an informed decision towards giving your bettors a reason to bet on your online sportsbook.

Online Sportsbook without good odds provider is useless

The whole online sportsbook or the idea of sportsbetting itself is based on the spread, which show the odds for betting. Now, you as an online sportsbook operator, should ensure that the odds shown on your site and the most competitive in the market. While there are many odds providers online, knowing their details goes a long way in ensuring that you choose the “right bet”. Remember, while you are busy tackling the local market (discussed above), the best in the industry are already targeting that region and more, hence, the local bettors will prefer you, if, they find that you are good at giving odds. This is not just about the winning margin, but the bettors need security while the search online that you as an online sportsbook operator are not out there to steal their “well earned” money. The draw back here is that for every honest business enterprise, there are a couple of blacklisted or “grey” operations running an online sportsbook, so you need to invest in your site and build trust. While market proven odds will go a long way in winning their trust, also provide background information, on your odds provider, so that there is a form of legitimacy for the enterprise. All Licenses, PRs, Owners information, as much information as possible should be shared so that bettors know about you and doubts don’t cloud their pockets.

Open your Online Sportsbook today!

In the end, operating an online sportsbook is worth the money, time, energy and pressure. It offers amazing returns and with the world moving towards regularizing all forms of gambling, an online sportsbook venture with some care, will be churning out revenues that will leave you speechless!

What you need to start your Online Sportsbook : Part 1

The Sportsbetting industry is growing in revenues every year! Already a multi-billion dollar industry, the online sportsbook software is growing in popularity as more people are finding placing a bet online an easier deal. With constant updates and changes in real-time on the spread and odds, owning an online will ensure that you rake in big as people begin to respect and trust you.

Before you open your online sportsbook, know which Sports to target

Well, the world Is a big place! There are 100s of sporting events occurring around the world, from the NFL in the US to the just finished Australian Open and what’s more, individual countries have their own favorite games running from the EPL to Seria A and UEFA. When you choose to start your online sportsbook, breakdown your targeted audience in a way that will help you in understanding the likes and enthusiasm shared for a particular sport.

Your target audience is nothing more than those people who would help you in breaking even say, in a year or two depending on the investment and other costs. Now, this is a big step, for you should choose a region which holds people who follow multiple sports, or launch prior to the biggest sporting event! Now, the sports followed are a separate study in itself. For e.g. in Europe, Football (Soccer for US) is a major sport and luckily across Europe, it is played nearly throughout the year. Come to Asia and Cricket takes precedence, but don’t forget the locally favorite games such as Table Tennis, Badminton etc. This Intel will help you when you have to choose the sports to run on your online sportsbook spread.

Online Sportsbook is functional only if you pay money on time

Deposits and Payments is a pretty crucial factor and will help in clinching that particular niche of bettors. Take the time to know the online payment processors, their rules, restrictions and know what online payment systems are favored by your bettors. Here, it is good to do recon with some locally favored forums, reviews and of course the software provider’s insights will help you in a great deal. Ensure that integration of the payment processors, whether land based (as found in Eastern Europe) or online (MoneyBookers, NeTeller etc) is possible in a swift way and it is always better to go with an online sportsbook solution provider who’s done it in the past and integrated special payment processors for their clients, a good online sportsbook provider will provide this information at the outset.

A lot of online sportsbook spend time on doing Due Diligence and Risk Profiling, while this is very very very important, know that as a bettor, you wouldn’t care too much about these things; you would only be concerned with the money hitting your bank. Similarly, ensure that the services provided, such as Risk Management, Transaction Management, Payments, Customer Support etc, are integrated well and are provided by experienced professionals who know that working together is the fastest way to pay a bettor.

The Online Sportsbook industry has a big hurdle to cross in terms of payoffs! With the correct work-force management scenario, you can sail through this uncertainty.

Keep an eye out for the second part of this article to learn more ….

Online Poker – Choosing a Website

In the recent past, using online poker software has become increasingly trendier. Owing to the reality that online gambling is an admired form of leisure, online poker websites have hopped on the proverbial bandwagon to rake in loads and loads of cash. That being said, there happen to be numerous online poker websites on the information highway, bragging about how their online poker rooms will yield huge payouts and how they are the best around. There are absolutely so many of them, and the hard thing to do here is to peruse through each online poker website and finding out which one is really good and which one is nothing but a hoax, when all you want to do is have some fun and make some money while you are at it.

When it comes to getting information or news, updates and reviews about just anything at all, the best place to search would have to be a search engine such as poker website selection Internet search engines are a great way of acquiring information with regard to a websites which in this case happen to be poker websites. Doing a short study of various websites on a search engine is a very convenient way for a player to discover the kinds of online poker websites on the internet. This kind of independent research helps you to find out all the advantages as well as disadvantages that are associated with the various online poker websites that are on the internet.

In case you are not fluent in the use of search engines to find information that is relevant to you here are a few tips. It’s quite simple, all you have to do is enter the name of the website that u want to learn more about and hit either the Enter key on your keyboard or or click the Search button, and then the search engine will search the internet for content that is pertinent to your search. Let’s take for example that you are looking for an “online poker website with large bonuses” type in the whole sentence in the search box and hit enter, the search engine will bring up a large number of results for you to read through .How this helps is that, once you go through these results you can pick out the website that you want to play on easily by weeding out the irrelevant ones.

One other way by which to easily and successfully find online poker websites, and more notably, first-rate online poker software is by reading and understanding poker related issues. One can hit upon some really good and useful information linked to online poker websites from your neighborhood library or book shop. There happen to be a bunch of writers out these days that center the subject matter of their books not only on poker or gambling, but more exclusively on the topic of online poker.
Once you have been through these books, you will most definitely come up with the names of some good and highly recommended poker websites which you might want to have a look at. Since the folks writing these books are extensively familiar with poker card games and online poker, you will feel confident that they know what they have written about.

Searching for an online poker website

To find added information involving suggested or recommended online poker websites is to employ the internet not by search engine procedures but by an explicit hunt for a poker expert. If you go straight to a poker information site you will almost certainly be able to get all of your online poker-related uncertainties cleared in a few uncomplicated keystrokes. By entering a single detailed search for an online poker website you will be able to find one single website that answers all of your poker card game questions with regards to that website.

The above mentioned views relay just a few ways in which a soon-to-be online poker player can efficiently and resourcefully choose an online poker website. To recapitulate, in order to find a great online poker website consider doing a search engine type of search online, look at books in the local bookstore around the corner, do a specific online search for a informational poker website or ask your friends and family members for recommendations.

Treat the above suggestions as mere guidelines and use your own discretion, as well as local or personal factors in order to find yourself an online casino that offers secure gambling. Our suggestions constitute merely the basic and generic factors that should influence your decision when looking for an online poker website that meets your online gambling requirements. If any of our ideas listed above pique your interest and sound like they could apply to your circumstances, then use them by all means in any way you see fit. All the best then, with locating the best online poker website for yourself!

Online poker – The Way to Go

Online Poker is a family of card games which requires skill and has been played by people all around the world since centuries. Inspired by the success of land based casinos and poker rooms, some famous internet websites came with an idea of online poker exceeding the reach of the game. When it comes to the comparison, Online Poker Software is always better because it has many advantages over land based or Live Poker. Both the platforms have all different standards when it comes to Game Play experience. However, online poker has an upper hand. This may be because of the continuous development in technology.

The best reason why online poker is better is because of the variety of games and tournaments available. Online poker rooms usually have a larger selection of games than what land based casinos offer, online poker also offers enhanced opportunities to learn the game without making you feel uncomfortable. For the new players there is an opportunity to practice at play money tables and when the player gains confidence, he can move on to play for real money. All online poker rooms offer many small stakes tables, typically $0.01 and $0.02 in blinds which you will not find in any land based casinos. Another good thing about online poker is the bonus offered by them. Almost every poker room offers attractive bonuses to promote themselves and to pull the traffic. You do not get a chance to double up your deposit amount while playing in a land based casino or poker room. Online poker rooms also offer No Deposit Bonus as well as freerolls which helps you to start playing online poker without risking a single penny out of your own pocket.

Online Poker – Convenience

Another logical advantage of playing online poker is the convenience. You can play at any time at any given day. You feel more comfortable as you play in your own house and there is no one staring at you. You do not have to travel all the way to a casino in order to play poker. The mobility factor is one of the best advantages of online poker. All you need is just a computer and a good internet connection and you have 24 hours access to the number of online poker rooms from any corner of the world. The benefit of playing online at home keeps you away from any sort of disturbance so that you can concentrate on your game. Just Imagine! You can play with people who are sitting thousand miles away from you.

Online poker – Multiple Tables

Another huge advantage of online poker is the ability to play at multiple tables at the same time, something which is not found in land based Casinos. If you are a skilled player, you can play at various tables at the same time and increase your bankroll. More hands you play more is the chances that you will win. In a land based casino, the amount of Rake or Fees charged is comparatively higher than compared to the online poker rooms who charge you fees as a Rake as low as few cents for every hand. Moreover you can take help of some useful software such as ‘Poker Manager’ in order to observe and decide your gameplay against the players you play regularly.

Collectively, there are many reasons why online poker is better than live poker. With so much and more to offer as compared to the Land Based Poker, online poker as well as online poker room has surely become a huge success amongst Poker fans all over the world, bringing them all together under the one tech savvy roof!

Playing Short-Handed Online Poker – 1

When it comes to playing shorthanded online poker games using poker software, there’s no sure-fire way that works the same for everybody. Some concepts, aggression being the most vital, are most important, regardless of what level you’re playing; but the low limit games with its prevalence of loose, passive opponents require a slightly diverse style of play be used to capitalize.

Online Poker and Table Selection

Talking about tips to winning in online casinos, one of the most considerable choices that u make which definitely affects how much money you can win or will most probably lose while using an online poker software, is table selection.  This is extremely critical!   One just has to find a table where the greater part of the online poker players make more errors than oneself.  If you find such a table you will win in the long run and if you don’t you may end up losing.  You may be a outstanding player but if you sit at a table where everybody else is a superior first-rate player you will almost definitely lose very badly.  There is absolutely no shame in sitting at an online poker table with players that anywhere as good as you are, in fact it is quite the opposite, that is the perfect place for you to be seated!


In Texas holdem, even though position is of high importance, when it comes to limit shorthanded online poker games it is a lot less important. Raising prior to the flop is sporadic, so you will seldom be “penalized” for limping with a hand that is not that great. We vote for the following opening hands suggestions: Raise with pairs down to Nine, Ace-King to Ace-Ten, King-Queen, King-Jack and Queen-Jack suited. Limp with any suited Ace, Ace-nine and Ace-eight, Queen-Jack, King-Ten, Queen-Ten and Jack-Ten. King-nine can be played late, and Queen-Nine and Jack-nine are optional in late position. Play pocket sevens and sixes wherever. Lower pocket pairs can be played if there are two limpers ahead of you. Suited connectors down to seven-six should also be played in an upraised pot. Other suited hands to be played are Queen-Nine, Queen-Eight, Jack-Nine and King-Nine. Jack-Eight and Ten-Eight can be played late in the game.

Online Poker Tips for Rookies

For starters, when playing online poker or using poker software on the internet, please do not confuse “bankroll” with”buy-in”.  A buy-in is the amount of money you use in a particular game or the entry fee you pay for a tournament. Your bankroll is the total amount of money you have in your account to play online poker for a certain period of time.

An excellent practice for a starting online poker bankroll is twenty times the “big blind,” therefore if you happen to be playing three/six Hold’em, you ought to buy in for a hundred and twenty bucks. You could procure chips from a cashier, or an attendant will bring them to your table.

High-Limit and No-Limit games are the territory of veterans who make a living playing online poker.

The best deal for the casual player is the low- to mid-limit. These online poker games present a pleasant environment and players with diverse experience levels, which translate into sociable games with loads of action.

Upon deciding where you would like to play, be certain to budget ample time. Even though online poker rooms have a huge number of tables with varying limits,the game by itself demands a fairly good amount of time too.

The good news is that your online poker money goes a long way. It’s just the two players to the immediate left of the dealer that are obligated to ante each hand: a “small blind” equivalent to half the lower betting limit and a “big blind” equivalent to the lower limit. A fully occupied table has ten players, so even if you fold every hand in a round, it would only cost you one and a half times the lower limit: six bucks in a four/eight game.

Ten lousy hands at blackjack will cost you a hundred bucks in a fraction of that time.

If you are not patient enough, and desire a nippy shot of No-Limit Hold’em exhilaration, then it’s the online poker tournaments you should go for. Tournaments let you to play with a lot more chips than you could otherwise afford, use a rapidly escalating blind structure to speed up the action, and offer the chance to win cash in the thousands.

If you think that it could prove to be too much to thrash a large number of opponents, show up early in the day and sign up for a satellite event. These single table tournaments go on for about an hour and are the best value for money. For thirty five bucks to seventy five bucks, ten players receive about three hundred dollars in tournament chips and the top two players win a seat in that night’s main event.

So the next time you get the itch to play online poker, tune in to a satellite.

Online Sports Betting Strategies for The Newbie

The appeal of online sports betting works on many levels. This can be better understood by understanding the appeal of sports wagering itself, in its most fundamental and conventional form.Betting on sports is as old as genesis of sports. It has always served to engage the audience in the sport in a more meaningful way and has evolved with time just as sport has.

If there were the gladiatorial fights and Man vs Beast contests in the days of the Roman Empire, there were the likes of dog fights and bull-baiting in the middle ages. These gradually gave way to the more ‘civilized’ sports of the kind we are familiar with, and the practice of sports betting has not only changed to adjust with these, but also evolved in terms of complexity and magnitude. In the modern day, there are the sports fanatics pursue betting as a way to feel a more substantial connect to their favorite sports, teams and players, while there are those who are taken in just for the thrill of a wager. Online sports betting, introduced by several leading online game developers has brought a new motivating factor into play.

Online Sports Betting: Getting Started

With the advent of online sports betting there’s the addition of another type of bettor: the one who just can’t stay away from it because of the sheer convenience.

However, as a beginner you need to understand that today, both conventional and online sports betting aren’t simply about who wins or loses but also about everything else in between. Besides, there are a plethora of terms associated with sports betting you need to be familiar with to even start out as a bettor. Luckily, unlike the old days of brick-and-mortar bookies, there are plenty of online sources to educate you on that. Even more important, however, is to keep some general strategies in mind so as to minimize risk and ensure an experience you enjoy.

The entire online sports betting experience is based on the online sportsbook software, and thus finding the right online sportsbook site and software is important. No matter how small an amount, the money at stake is yours, so spare no effort and carefully scrutinize the various online sportsbook sites. Reading the site content very carefully may in itself reveal salient points about bonuses and payouts that you’d probably miss on a glance. You can also scour relevant online forums for specific comments from past users, as well as some other things you need to know on deposit methods, bonus offers and so on. It shouldn’t take you long, once you get past this research phase, to decide exactly what you want and sign up with a suitable online sports betting site. Now that you have opened your account, you are good to go. Now for some real tips on the art (or science, whatever works for you) of online sports betting are in order.

Decide a Budget for Online Sports Betting and Stick to It

To begin with, you must arrive at a decision as to your handicapping budget. In order to enjoy online sports betting, it is a must to bet sensibly. Deciding on a realistic budget is one of the basics of responsible gambling; realistic here means that you should not use up, for instance, your college fund, or a large chunk of your monthly salary. The amount should be such that losing it should not affect you terribly.

Bet on a Sport You’re Familiar With

No matter how tempting the odds and lines being offered on a given sport are, you must ensure you’re familiar with it before you decide to go any further with that sport. That means not just the rules and nuances but being updated on the latest news about the sport as well; information on team form, player form, past records and injuries always come in handy.

Do Your Homework for Online Sports Betting: Crunch the Numbers

Keep yourself updated on even the minute happenings and their implications. It is a must to research even though most online sportsbook sites have a “matchup” section or dashboard for your perusal, laying out various statistics in front of you, such as past games, home/ away stats, player form and injuries, transfers etc.

Wager responsibly and make informed betting decisions to minimize the influence of chance, and you’ll enjoy more winnings than losses in your online sports betting endeavors.