Online Poker Basics

Online Poker For Beginners

The game of poker, whether played on online poker software or live, does seem a little complex but some easy guidelines go quite a distance in avoiding mistakes made by beginners. There are a lot of books and guides out there in the market or at your local library based on online poker that can help you with your game, if you find it difficult to find such guides there is always the internet that you can turn to, there happen to be at least a few dozen excellent websites that can give you all the information you need. In the meantime read extensively on the topic of poker and keep some of these ideas in mind.

Take it Easy

The most significant piece of advice when it comes to playing a winning game of online poker is to be patient. This would have to be the single most important aspect of making a profit when playing online poker. Fold frequently and fold early, winning players are known to fold more than 70% of their hands prior to the flop. The idea is to play only and only when you have the benefit. The fact is, when playing online poker; more often than not you do not draw the nuts. When you know that you are going to fold during that hand, the earlier you fold the better, this way you will save on your contribution to the pot that another player is going to win. Having the intelligence to muck a run of the mill hand and not jeopardize your chips is in fact a skill that takes a good deal of time to develop. It makes it that much easier to follow the next tip.

Show Aggression

Don’t hold back when it come to raising when playing online poker. The lesser number of players that are in the pot with you, the more prone you ought to be to raise in place of calling. More often than not it is best to raise, the next best in line would be to fold and to call would be the worst choice of all. When you play an aggressive game, you are in command of the action; you decide if you’re ahead or behind; and you, with a little luck, decide who wins. It would be an exception though, if there were too many players in the pot. If there happen to be a large number of players in the pot the odds are that somebody out there has a fairly good hand. In this case it would be best to muck your average strength hands and call with good draws. And when you get that draw, Raise!

Know when to Back Down

Alright, you did happen to start out with a great hand and you did do a lot of raising on the way. Now this player in front of you will just not quit re-raising and your hand won’t improve. A lot of fairly good online poker players will call that huge bet on the river, even when it’s apparent that they’re beaten. At all costs, avoid being one of those online poker players. This state of affairs generally pops up when the player draws a truly superb flop for his hand, but upon reaching the turn and the river, things go pretty sour.

Its All About The Pot

With some very rare exceptions, the value of the pot should be one of the top reasons to decide how you play, as the size of the pot directly implies your pot odds which one at a time are one of the most crucial factors in finding out expected value. The smaller the pot is, the greater your hand needs to be to keep playing. Even with a fairly decent or maybe medium strength draw, a small pot is just not worth it. General recommendation to rookies is to look for reasons muck your cards or find reasons to fold etc. This is good advice, without a doubt. BUT… when the pot is BIG throw that advice right out of the window. When you have a huge pot on the table, the last thing that you want to do is leave! What I’m telling you is, when you are playing online poker don’t chase a small pot and don’t slow-play in a big one.

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