Hand History

Poker is a thinking man’s game. The player has to understand under what circumstances should he or she fold, bet, raise and check. The urge to improve continuously and the need  to improve at ones game propels players to look for tools which will give them a hand by hand snap shot of their game play as well as all the right or wrong moves that they have made. Hand history provides just this tool.poker hand history

Using hand history a player can break-down his game-play card by card. Hand History can also be used to analyze your opponent’s game play. Hand history will tell you the bet, raise and re-raise strategy of the opponents who are at “showdown”. If the player’s opponent was active during the “showdown” then the opponents cards are also shown which makes the player understand whether the opponent was having a strong hand right from the beginning or did he get the nuts on the river. Most important of all it will tell you if he is an efficient bluffer.

Behind the scenes hand history is one of the tools referred to by the card room collusion and RM team to check for any collusion or game play issues in real time.  Collusion occurs between 2 or more people with intent. Hence with the aid of Hand History the Risk Management Agents can analyze the game play of those suspected of fraudulent activities post completion of the game. The questions of “why did this particular player raise and then fold?” or “Why this player would keep betting a particular player?” are answered by understanding the game play of the players and the analyses will determine whether any action is needed against the player. Hand History also comes in handy when checking for player to player chip dumping as well. Hand History provides immense support to the Card Room to ensure that their tables are not rampant with collusion or used as a hunting ground by a pack of wolves (sand-bagging).

Thus hand history as a tool is used to catch fraud or collusion on one end as well as provides immense assistance to the players individually on the other. This makes hand history is truly a valuable asset to the Online Poker industry.

~Operations Team

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