Devils Diary – A Risk Management Kaleidoscope II

Day III – almost a bad beat…Risk Management

Time was passing swiftly. Dennise could not understand it. Everything was so fast, and she was so slow. She was chosen to be a part of the Fraud Detection Team setup within the Risk Management Dept. She along with Renne and three others were assisting in the investigation of the MoneyBookers fraud detected by one of the agents the day before. The 5 member team had a blind spot, which Achilles later expressed this way: “We were problem oriented. Everything we did and thought was directed towards finding a solution, a process to close the fraud loops. Find the key ( solution ) its lies deep within the problem”

The team failed to understand the fraud pattern though they had an edge, as the pattern was detected in its nascent stages. Despite the individual brilliance of the team members, the group grossly misjudged their information at several points during their investigation.

Sir Winston Churchill once said that “true genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous and conflicting information.”

Renne was welcomed with a pleasant surprise today, when Achilles announced that she and Dennise would be a part of a special team along with three other existing and experienced agents to handle the investigations for the new fraud chain identified a day back.

But her flight of fantasy seemed to have mid air glitches…

What they did not anticipate was the magnitude, the staggering dimensions of their errors. Being new to the team, Dennise and Renne did not expect that their ultimate error would be a compound of a dozen small clues that were missed, a handful of crucial facts that were dismissed. The number of fraud players’ account was now 1319 and there were 17 ( on an average ) new account being created every minute with fraudulent deposits through MoneyBookers. By far, “it was the most puzzling pattern he had come across in the last few years”, Achilles said.

Nevertheless, they had a safe landing…the matter was instantly checked and the day ended with a song -  WE are the CHAMPIONS -

At Cybertech, a scrupulous and effective procedure is followed to ensure players safety online. At the end of the day, IT’S A GAME!! A careful thought goes behind ensuring the safety of players’ money that is transacted online on Cybertech’s Skins and websites. No matter what, players just need to enjoy their game…and let the rest be handled by people, who are always keeping a vigil as the clock ticks.

Day IV – fun and learning… contd.Identity Fraud

Dennise was amazed at the tools that were used and the procedures followed to keep a track and vigil on players transactions, games and other associated features offered by Cybertech. She came face to face with new terms like CD… a ellipsis for Chip Dumping, money dumping, collusion etc. She could not stop laughing while she read through chat transcripts of players… a serious yet amusing task every agent loves to spend time on… Chat Transcript audits are undertaken to ensure decorum being maintained in the card rooms. It helps to identify abusive players and block Chip and money dumpers if proven guilty ( and yes spams LOL ).

Renne on the other hand found the 34 ( an acronym for the 34 point Fraud Scrub System ) interesting. It had a mechanism to check through players IP Address ( internet protocol ), UCID Number ( Unique Computer Identification ), Country, State, ISPs ( Internet Service Providers ), information related financial details registered with the website, Chargeback history or linkages with other accounts on the network, Address, age, contact information etc.

As an Accounts Manager her first case was of a player who had Multiple Accounts ( Check Terms & Conditions ) with … with her previous experience with an online gaming site ( a famous one ), it was not hard for her to figure it out, but what amused her most was when the player tried to explain that it was two different accounts which belonged to him and his brother with similar last names…

Account A: Greg Kubin

Account B: Marc Kubin

The player was informed that both accounts had same DOB ( date of birth ) and other information like the email addresses, phone numbers and passwords to both the accounts were same. And that the CC ( Credit Card ) used to fund both the accounts belonged to one person – apart from the fact that both accounts show the same IP s and logged from the same computer. The player held his ground… `

Renne played her cards carefully  -  she assured the player that she believes him and requested the player ( on the phone ) to provide an identity proof for his account ( standard procedures ) and educated the player on the risks of sharing passwords while using the same system and to avoid sharing of email addresses ,Credit Card details (  or any other financial details ) with other users. Also informed that the same procedure is applicable to the other account, to validate its identity on the system -

The player gave in this time… he dint have a chance, as the odds were against him and he had balance ( funds ) on both the accounts … he knew that if he held on to his claim he would lose out on the balance on the other account, which will be blocked ( temporary block is placed to validate the accounts ) till the identity of the account holder is validated.

“It’s not a big deal.” he said.

“Both accounts belong to me, my name is Gregory Marc Kubin… and I dint like the screen name on the other account so I created a new one…” he said.

Renne knew exactly what was to be done, she assured the player that it was absolutely OK J and she understands ( never make the player feel guilty in such cases ) -  after all he is here to have FUN !!! She informs the player that once an ID is received which reflects the players complete name she would go ahead and Close one of the account ( as per players choice ) and transfer the balance funds on that account to the active account.

With this remarkable turn of event…It was a straight win, the player folds…and the Renne takes it all, closing it with a “ thank you ”

On the other hand, Dennise had her share of learning…

Day V – tricks of the trade

09: 49 hrs…Achilles called for a Team Meet at 10:00 hrs sharp in Meeting Room N0. 3,one of the larger rooms with OHP ( over head projectors ).

The word went round that there were some important process changes to be discussed…

10:00 hrs…There was an eerie silence in Meeting Room N0.3… Achilles walked in … and a new face followed him inside.

“Good Morning” he said

“Let me introduce you to our new Risk Management Specialist, Mr. Helmut Goldfinger.” He continued.

What followed was a remarkable session conducted by Mr. Goldfinger ( the name reminds me of the 007 series ), who brought decades of experience in Risk Management domain with him and it was great to have him share all that with the team at Cybertech. It has always been an endeavor undertaken by Cybertech from time to time to allow its employees to learn the tricks of the trade and be up to date with the present trends in the industry.

In fraud detection and risk management … Cybertech believes in being PROACTIVE than being REACTIVE…the dynamics are different when you have fraud hitting the system on every flop dealt… every turn… being reactive or to be able to respond to fraud would imply that we have already been HIT !! Why wait and indulge in cleaning the mess when we can restrict and avoid the mess in the very first place…that’s where being proactive plays an important role.

Like they say… no good crying over spilt milk…. LMAO !!

Risk Management and Fraud detection is a highly dynamic process which involves round the clock monitoring and tracking mechanism being handled by enthusiasts who have a rational approach and the response ability ( apart from responsibility LOL ). To be able to think on their feet and to reason out facts and figures provided to them make the team of Risk Management Analysts at Cybertech a level above others in the industry and in the same domain.

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